Effectiveness of TCA Peel for Acne Scars: Side Effects & Precautions


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TCA peels, trichloroacetic acid peels, are medium strength chemical peels aimed at repair and reviving your skin. These peels improve your skin issues such as skin discoloration, reduce fine lines, even out skin texture and reduce acne scars. TCA Peel for Acne Scars is known to be effective and efficient. The main downside to the procedure is that your skin physically peels and requires a week or more of healing time. However, the results can make the wait worthwhile. If the home remedies haven’t worked for you, these peels are definitely worth a try.

TCA peels are medium depth peels, ranging from the strength of 8% to 30%. There are other chemical peels with higher concentration, but TCA peels are considered to be deeper peels than glycolic acid peels and lactic acid peels. The TCA peels work to lessen acne scars and discoloration by brightening and evening out your skin tone. This is achieved by reducing the appearance of hyperpigmentation and skin discoloration. The result is a skin with lessen acne scars, dark spots, freckles and sun spots. It also rejuvenates dull looking skin so that your skin looks smooth and soft. It is, however, important to tone that TCA peel reduce and lightens the acne scars but do not completely eliminate them.

perfect_image_tca_peelTCA peels can be used on different areas of your body – face, hands or neck. They can be used on the entire face or as a spot peel. One TCA peel is known to produce better results than one glycolic acid peel. But it is important to get more than one TCA peel for the desired results. The results of TCA peel can last up to 6 months, but it can even last longer when supplemented with lactic or glycolic acid peels every two weeks.

It is also important to understand that some skin types such as darker skin are not suitable for TCA peels. As it includes the use of chemical, there are risks and side effects to consider. When you are getting a TCA peel, the common side effects you may experience includes: burning of your skin, persistent facial redness, skin pigmentation changes, scarring or infection, post-peel breakouts and sun sensitivity. These are just the possible side effects and can be avoided with proper care of your skin before and after a TCA peel. Your skin type and strength of the peel also affects the extent of side effects you may experience.

skin_tca_peelIt is highly recommended to get TCA peels for acne scars performed by qualified and experience professionals, rather than attempting them at home. A professional can monitor the progress of your skin healing and can determine the appropriate strength for your skin.

TCA peel for acne scars can be helpful. It reduces the appearance of scars and other marks on your skin as well as brightens your complexion and smooths your skin. It is, however, important to couple TCA peels with proper skin care. It is a chemical peel; hence, it is important to only allow professionals to carry out the procedure. You should be prepared for common side effects caused by the procedure. It is recommended that you get the peel from a professional first, so you know how it feels on your skin.

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