Effectiveness of Rosehip Oil for Acne Scars


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There is a general perception among people that oils are bad for the skin as they cause an acne breakout. You would be shocked to know that it is actually the exact opposite of this. Applying rosehip oil on your face doesn’t cause acne, it prevents and cures it.

In particular, rosehip oil is good for lightening acne scars and treating acne breakouts. Whether you have a teenage acne breakout or adult acne, it doesn’t matter at all, rosehip oil is effective at treating them all.

Does Rosehip Oil Help Acne?

As mentioned above, people have the wrong perception of oils. Oils are associated with shiny skin, clogged pores, and increased acne breakout. That is actually no the case with this oil. Rosehip oil is good for acne! Many research studies have suggested that it works quite well and also reduces redness resulting from acne.

There’s another oil called Jajoba which is also very effective for acne and scars. Click here to read more about jojoba oil.

Other Benefits of Using Rosehip Oil

Curing acne and diminishing acne scars are not the only benefits of using rosehip oil. It also protects your skin from sun damage, makes sure your skin doesn’t mature early and get wrinkled, and prevents pigmentation and loss of skin tone. As you can see, people use this face oil as it provides plenty of other benefits for your skin.

Rosehip Oil vs. Acne Scar Chemical Treatments

rosehip-oilCommercial acne scar chemical treatments are very expensive; not everyone can afford some of them. But the major decider question is whether they work or not. The fact is, not all of them work, and they are harsh on your skin.

Comparatively, rosehip oil is a much better alternative if you don’t want to spend a lot of money. It’s natural and contains vitamin C and A. It has nothing harsh in it that can cause trouble for your skin.

Both vitamin A and C are good when it comes to having good looking skin. Apparently, both of these helpful vitamins give your skin the ability to heal and regenerate properly. Overall, they will help you maintain healthy skin that is free of diseases.

If natural remedies aren’t working for you, and you can’t afford the expensive treatments for acne, then you can try some over-the-counter creams. Check this one, this one and this one out. These creams are the best ones we currently have in the market, and they are quite effective.

Creams for acne can only do much, and if you don’t have a proper face wash for acne prone skin, acne breakouts will keep on occurring. Therefore, having a face wash that is designed for acne prone skin, is a must. We highly recommend this.

Excellent Oil for Skin and Hair

We have already discussed how rosehip oil helps diminish acne scars over a period of time. But, the unique and special oil has many other benefits for our health. Below is a list of some of the other benefits of rosehip oil.

  1. Excellent hair conditioner
  2. Skin and hair healing properties
  3. Full of vitamins and natural ingredients
  4. Totally organic product
  5. Relieves dry hair
  6. Contains essential fatty acids
  7. Contains anti-aging properties
  8. Hydrates skin
  9. Repairs cracked lips
  10. Can make your hair silky
  11. Removes hair dullness
  12. A very good moisturizer
  13. Diminishes stretch marks
  14. Clears age-spots
  15. Relieves skin of hyperpigmentation
  16. It speeds the healing process of skin
  17. Relieves dandruff
  18. Soothes sunburns
  19. Reduces inflammation
  20. Makes your nails stronger
  21. A cure for premature aging
  22. Gives you glowing skin
  23. Smoothes wrinkle lines
  24. Evens your skin-tone
  25. Makes your skin healthy overall

The health benefits of rosehip oil are limitless. It has been used regularly in many beauty products because of the benefits it provides to your skin. Make sure you get good quality rosehip oil as the ingredients need to be potent to give you all the benefits.

You can get rosehip oil from your local health food store, or you can purchase it online; whichever one is convenient for you. It is not very pricey. You can get a smaller bottler for about ten dollars.

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