SmoothRX Premium Stretch Mark and Scar Cream Review


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I gave birth to two healthy boys, but my tummy didn’t show signs of pregnancy— as if nothing happened!

I love going to beaches and wearing bikinis from time to time, so I was worried that this won’t happen again after my pregnancy. In no time, I looked for something to get rid of these marks that hinder me from wearing my favorite pieces.

Then I found Smooth RX cream, and after a few weeks, it’s as if nothing happened! Friends envied me, but I shared them the secret generously; and we all discovered that this product is really good. Smooth RX is not only effective, but is also a versatile product, so read on…

Smooth RX got rid not only of my stretch marks, but of the early appearance of fine line, wrinkles and spider veins too!

smoothrx-scar-creamI am already in my late 20s, so wrinkles and fine lines start to appear a little. Since I love going to the beach, it didn’t come as a surprise to me. I don’t want to deny my age, but I want to age beautifully. Who doesn’t!? Besides, I am still on my late 20s going to early 30s and I still have young children and a husband who still looks young.

So having this cream to smoothen out these fine lines and prevent deep wrinkles in the future is really a great beauty buddy.

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Like a product tailored for me

My Spider Veins were also my long-time problem. Since I was a teenager, these spider veins started to appear on my hands and legs.  A friend of mine advised me to undergo laser treatment, but I’m just not into those kinds of treatments.

Actually, I’ve not heard of any cream that will actually reduce the appearance of my spider veins. I was originally looking for a cream for stretch mark when I saw Smooth RX, which can also help me with my spider veins. In short, Smooth RX solved all my skin problems!

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Smooth RX Features:

  • Packed with natural ingredients-Shea and cocoa butter are two ingredients included in the product, which help heal and correct skin imperfections and make skin healthier and softer. These are just two of the best natural ingredients Smooth RX cream contains, such as Jojoba Oil, Mango Butter, Rose Hip Seed Oil, and Grapefruit Seed Extract; among others.
  • Healing and prevention-Smooth RX doesn’t only heal scars, but also prevents new ones from forming
  • Versatile- made for old and new scars due to surgery, pregnancy, burns, keloid, acne, and spider veins; among others.
  • Unique-ideal for both men and women!

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Pros and Cons

Like other products, there are some pros and cons to Smooth RX. Though almost everything is advantageous, I tried to find some cons that will balance my review of this product.


  • Versatile
  • Softer skin (the product is packed with Shea and Cocoa Butter, which are powerful moisturizers!)
  • Comes with customer-satisfaction guarantee
  • affordable


  • May be a little itchy at first
  • It was originally a little expensive, but now, they put the item on discount. Sometimes, they do this drastically, so be cautious on price hikes and prefer to buy the item on discount

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