Does Mederma Work on Acne Scars? Is it Effective in Reducing Acne Scars?


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When acne heals, it often leaves ugly scars on your skin, which may cause distress to you and make you feel not beautiful. Acne scars can range from minor to severe marks, but regardless of the intensity of the scars it surely affects self-esteem.

There are many products and medications available in the market to help you reduce acne scars. There are gels, creams and lotions which work to reduce the appearance of acne scars on your skin as well as home remedies that heal acne scars naturally.

Mederma is one of the over-the-counter creams that claim to diminish the appearance and textures of acne scars and any other types of scars.

What is Mederma?

medermaMederma is an over the counter cream designed and developed specifically to treat and reduce all types of scars, from stretch marks to acne scars. It contains allium cepa, an extract from onion plants, which is its main active ingredient.

Onion extracts have been observed to reduce inflammation and promote collagen production in many clinical tests. The manufacturer of Mederma does not claim to completely eliminate scars, but does claim that with regular and consistent use, the acne scars will become virtually invisible.

What Mederma Manufacturers Claim?

According to the manufacturers of Mederma, it is the No.1 doctor- recommended treatment for acne scars for over 15 years as well as No. 1 pharmacist recommended brand. They claim that consistent use of the cream improve your overall appearance, texture and colors of scars, make your skin softer and smoother and make acne scars less visible.

The manufacturers attest that it works for all types of scarring, including acne scars. In order to add value to their product, the manufacturers claim that if after using Mederma for at least 8 weeks; you are unsatisfied by the result you can return the unused portion for a full refund.

Does Mederma Really Work?

Independents studies, on the other hand, claim that active ingredient, allium cepa, does not drastically improve the appearance of acne scars. However, in terms of consumer reviews, many acne sufferers using Mederma have reported reduction in their acne scars. Mederma has been found to be more effective on skins with mild acne scars. The skin with moderate to severe scars does not respond as well to the cream as you would like.

Based on consumer experience, Mederma works well on minor acne scarring; hence if you are suffering from mild scarring you can use it as treatment. In case you are using Mederma for your acne scars, ensure to use a plentiful amount and use it regularly three times a day for up to six months for older scars. You should monitor your progress over time to see if it is working on your skin as everyone’s skin is unique.

In short, acne scars are stressful and affect your self-esteem. You may try creams such as Mederma to help improve your skin appearance and reduce the acne scars. However, if your scarring does not improve with regular use over time, you should consult a dermatologist.

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