What is Acne Laser Treatment Cost and Benefits?


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Acne laser treatment is the newest advancement in acne treatment and prevention technology. In the last decade, various laser treatments have been approved by the Food and Drug Administration for acne treatment. It is not a drug; hence it is free from the drawback of producing any major side effects. Acne laser treatment cost varies greatly depending on the technique you pick.

Acne is an issue by itself, but it also leads to other skin problems such as scars and blemishes. The acne laser treatment not only removes acne, but also removes scars left by the healed breakouts. There is no need to wait for months for the treatment to produce results.

Benefits of Laser Treatment for Acne Scars

It removes the scars quickly and improves confidence and self-esteem. Instead of spending money, now and then, on ointments, lotions and creams, the money is spent at one time on the cost of the treatment.

laser skin treatmentIn the skin, there are pores containing oil producing glands called sebaceous glands. These glands produce oil called sebum, which is necessary for the development of the skin.

However, when your pores become clogged with sebum, bacteria and dead skin cells, acne occurs. At times, the walls of the clogged pores become impaired.

In such case, the bacteria and dead skins cells penetrate under the live skin cells. The result is an infection which caused pimples and acnes with redness. Severe infection caused cystic acne.

The acne laser treatment aims at reducing the size of hyperactive sebaceous glands as well as targets the P. Acnus bacterium residing on the skin and contributing to acne breakouts.

There are several different lasers, but most work on one of the two mechanism. Either, the laser heats the sebaceous glands to decrease in size so that oil secretion is reduced. Or, the laser creates oxygen within the trapped pore, which in turn destroys inflammation causing bacteria. The choice of laser treatment mainly depends on the cause of acne and severity of the problem.

Cost of the Laser Treatment

lasersThe term acne laser treatment usually creates the notion that it would be expensive. The cost of the treatment depends on the type of lasers to be used and hence, varies.

The treatment can cost anything between $45 per treatment to $400 treatment. It usually requires 4 – 8 treatments for a patient to clear up. But, it is only the cost of treatment.

There are other cost related factors that augments the overall cost. These include: doctor’s consultation fee, cost of medical facilities, anesthesia fees, transportation costs, overhead expenses and material and equipment cost used in the procedure.

In total, the treatment can cost around $700-$800. Furthermore, acne laser treatments are not covered by insurance as they are considered as a cosmetic procedure. It is covered by insurance, in the case that it is done to modify scars or to remove pre-cancerous growth.

Doctors, usually, offer payment or financing plans to make the option available to people. The exact cost of the treatment can only be determined by visiting the doctor – plastic surgeon or dermatologist.

Acne laser treatment can treat acne and remove scars, resulting in smoother, younger looking skin. It is a non-invasive treatment plan and can reduce scars by 50% – 80%. And the best part is that it does not require recovery period of days.

Other Alternatives

It’s not easy to afford laser treatments for acne scars; not everyone has thousands of dollars to spare for such treatments. Don’t be disappointed, however. There are other options available to us that work quite well, they just take a little bit longer.

Nowadays, there are some greats creams that you can buy over-the-counter that work! They are not very expensive. Check out our review section to find the best cream for your needs. If you don’t want to spend any money, you can try home remedies for acne scars. We hope you find the best fit your need and are able to get rid of acne as soon as possible.

Laser, for those who can afford it, is still a great option. You recover sooner, and there aren’t any major side-effects. The skin appears renewed and self-confidence high. It does cost a bit much but considering the benefits, instant result of the treatment and its effectiveness, it is good value for money.

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